Residential buildings
Sports locker units
Prefabricated toilets are a viable solution for building construction sites, exhibitions, events and public events and in emergency situations. Installation is fast and requires only connection to the existing sewer.

Modular frames are made of galvanized steel, walls are painted metal sheet with polyurethane insulation. Floors are anti-slip. The electrical system is made according to CEI and consists of self-extinguishing PVC material. Electric water heaters of adequate power are available.

The distribution system of hot and cold water is made with PVC tube coated with a suitable section. The drains of the waste water are pipes of high density polyethylene, acid-proof, resistant to 120 degrees; siphons are easily dismantled and inspected.

Supplies or equipment are in the vitreous, or ABS, faucets and fittings are of primary brands. There are various types of toilets available: ABS shower trays with mixer tap and shower head, washbasins and double sinks, ABS urinals, ceramic vases with cassette, ceramic bidets and baths.

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