Residential buildings
Sports locker units
One of the strengths of Prefabbricati Ferrocostruzioni srl is logistics service for construction sites,
both monobloc and modular structures more extensive and complex that can accommodate all kinds of activities for a long time and used for every need (dormitories, changing rooms, toilets, cafeterias, infirmaries, etc).

The base frame of the structures is made with large thickness steel pipes, hot galvanized, painted in RAL on visible parts. The floor, supported by a wooden panel waterproof, may be made of: PVC, prefinished wood or ceramic tiles.

The perimeter walls are constituted by modular panels of tamponade(sandwich): two sheets of prepainted galvanized steel and polyurethane insulation high density foam interposed between, the same for the cover.

The perimeter corner profiles are made with prepainted bended elements of the same material used for the walls, instead joints and doorknockers covers are made of stainless steel.

For further technical information see details below. Download technical drawings Watch the video immagine servizi logistici