Prefabbricati Ferrocostruzioni:

- aims to better during every step of production process, so that every customer may be fully satisfied by the solution chosen;

- following products step by step, from the first contact to delivery, as long as customers no longer need to work;

- listens and collects all customer needs; using advanced technology and carefully selected materials, designs and develops products of certified quality.

Prefabbricati Ferrocostruzioni

successfully operates for 40 years in production and rental of industrial modular buildings, a company flexible and always ready to meet the needs of a changing market.

In Prefabbricati Ferrocostruzioni technicians coordinate and manage the various phases of the production process, constantly pursuing objectives of quality and reliability of the product, through the development of new types of structure and the use of technologically advanced systems.

The emphasis on constant technological upgrading and on high standard quality achieving has always led the operating philosophy that still nourishes and supports the activities of each department.