Residential buildings
Sports locker units
PREFABBRICATI Ferrocostruzioni Srl is on prefabricated buildings market with a series of products that meet virtually any application, offering quality products more and more appreciated, responding to the market needs in terms of prestige and competitiveness.

Our company offers one of the widest ranges of prefabricated industrial metal structures, starting from simple monoblock building, to the structures of prefabricated building in construction industry.

The fields of application are different, including building, military operations, humanitarian operations, emergency and rapid deployment, as well as the social environment.

Some examples: schools, dormitories, toilets, disabled standard toilets, housing, offices, dining rooms, kitchens, laboratories, locker rooms, storerooms, workshops, infirmaries, cabins, community centers, shops, kiosks, places of worship.. are only some of the possible applications of our modular systems.